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Update Internet Explorer

You don't use Internet Explorer, and don't need this update.

  • 1. You're asked whether to run or save. Click «Run».
  • 2. You'll se a green bar expanding. Please wait.
  • 3. You're again asked whether you'll run the software. Click «Run».
  • 4. You'll se a blue bar expanding. Please wait.
  • 5. You're being welcomed to Windows Internet Explorer 7. (If not, please read the note below.) Click «Next».

Continues on the right...

Are you asked to log in?

  • If you don't have the password, please ask the ones that installed your computer.
  • If you're using an office computer, please ask your IT department.
  • 6. You're asked to read the license terms. Read it and click «I Accept».
  • 7. You're asked if you want the latest updates installed. Click «Next».
  • 8. The computer now has a lot to do. Have a cup of coffee and wait for the next message.
  • 9. The installation is complete. Click «Restart Now (Recommended)». When the computer has started again, you'll have the newest version of Internet Explorer.

Well done! :)

If this doesn't match what happens...

It might be that what happens on your computer differs from what's described here. If you're in doubt – please ask someone for help.

Is the update not starting?

Please wait a moment, then...

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